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Mladiinfo ( is an online platform breaking down barriers to education for disadvantaged young people around the globe by sharing information and experience in education and active youth participation. Mladiinfo generates profit through marketing and advertising activities on their platform and reinvest them in helping other young people improve their education, meet new cultures and develop their skills through experience. They are using their a web page as the main medium for implementation of the activities and it is an advertising space for academia institutions and other businesses that brings additional finances for their work. 

It was created in 2008 when a group of young Macedonians motivated by their own positive international experiences committed themselves to. Mladiinfo is a non-profit medium managed by young people from Macedonia and worldwide who share the same idea that everyone should have access to free education at the most prestigious universities and to trainings and conferences as part of their non-formal education.

EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION OF WWW.MLADIINFO.EEU realizes communication with different entities such as companies, universities, CSO’s and young peole who are interested in educational activities. The website provides carefully edited information on scholarships, competitions, trainings, volunteering, internships and job vacancies on a daily basis that can help youth gain priceless skills and knowledge for free, increasing their employability and prospects for the future. Internet and new social media technologies helped Mladiinfo be recognized throughout Europe as an initiative for doing public good by inciting youth to develop, thus pushing society forward. Mladiinfo is founded on the noble value of volunteerism and driven by the “sharing is caring” principle. Their work is based on volunteers who have experienced the benefits of free education and want to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with their peers. Each day, Mladiinfo team spends several hours seeking relevant information on youth formal and informal education, editing and adapting the information according the user’s needs, publishing the information and afterwards personally helping the interested parties by answering inquiries or helping with the application process itself. Their work does not influence educational content, but rather increases access to educational opportunities. As a youth organization, Mladiinfo is the missing link between youth and the institutions. Therefore, Mladiinfo cooperates with a number of institutions and organizations, both local and international, to deliver quality and up-to-date information. Many institutions, organization and young people in general rely on us to disseminate and distribute information related to free education.

The indicator that this initiative has been long-needed is the fact that the Mladiinfo website became very popular among the young people. Nowadays they have more than 360,000 hits each month from all over the world, more than a million hits per year and they are receiving inquiries to expand their network to other continents. More than 100 young people communicate online with their team each month and use the information that they provide. This positive reception is especially rewarding considering the fact the entire website, from its design to the content published there, is managed by young volunteers from Macedonia and from other world countries, willing to help their peers reach their educational goals.

During Mladiinfo’s seven-year existence, they have managed to help hundreds of young people grow and develop through free education. In May 2009, at the World Summit Youth Award, a global initiative organized by the United Nations, Mladiinfo was selected as one of the top five web portals in the world in the category Education of All, in competition with 622 web portals from 101 world countries. In 2011, Mladiinfo entered the final list of 132 projects (out of 1850 submissions) and was selected country winner of the ERSTE Foundation Award for Social Integration. In 2012, at the World Summit Youth Award, Mladiinfo received two awards in the Category “Education for All”, for best e-Content and for best business potential. The secret of their success as information channel lays in the high usage of the social networks for collection of information, advertising and promotion. 

All of these facts make good example for external communication within a social enterprise.  

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