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Planetum is environmental association, established in 1999. The organization was trying to find ways to survive and achieve long-term sustainability: to pay the basic administrative costs, to have unrestricted funds for development of the organization and its employees, to become independent from Grants, donations and political pressures, to have financial means available for administrative expenses, while applying for project grants.

Beside the grants, Planetum has been contracted by the Municipality of Strumica for greening the space around the buildings and for creation of green islands. Since the company has to grow, the biggest part of the profit is reinvested and a certain proportion goes for administrative costs of Planetum.


In the process to find seed money to start the business, Planetum has applied for credit from the Revolving Fund created by the Municipality of Strumica with financial support from the ARG Italian organizations, intended for NGOs that are willing to start business activities. The both projects that they have submitted were selected and got loan under very good conditions (grace period of 6th months and payback period of 2 years) and Planetum bought one machine for PET pressing and truck for transport. Also, they needed large space for storing of the PET waste. With the support from the Municipality, Planetum got a warehouse at the Military base in Strumica.




Internal communications is the function responsible for effective communications among participants within an organization. Corporate communications is motivating and engaging employees. Cultivate a work environment that values trust, and builds confidence across teams and business functions.


Planetum, Strumica has different activities that are making for motivating and making pleasant working conditions. First, they put efforts in identification of the potential employees. Very strong fact for their organization is that they are selecting their employees from the list of persons that are receiving social aid given by the Agency for employment – they are giving opportunity to the ones who need it the most.


Planetum, Macedonia Is strengthening their organizational structure and internal communication by organizing trainings and workshops for their future employees. In addition, they use digital channels for internal communication with options, so all the staff relevant for certain activities, has received adequate information needed for successful implementation of activities and tasks.


Planetum, Strumica is constantly working on creating very efficient internal communication with all the employees and attempt to reach this goals:

·         Opening up new feedback channels

·         Encouraging collaboration and communication

·         Horizontal networking, by breaking down hierarchies

·         Being all encompassing and interactive

·         Approachability


Time, open, internal communication, dedication to the idea and preciseness have been stressed as crucial elements for achieving success, while business planning skills, recognizing the needs of the local community and business opportunities nationwide are seen as the most important for running a social enterprise.

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