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Spazio Aperto is social co-operative which is a center for the care of trauma in youth and family. The co-op provides sheltered accommodation, with children and carers staying in the centers overnight. Its job is to tackle acute trauma, rather than chronic conditions: the co-op describes this as akin to psychological intensive care. These children have all suffered trauma for a variety of reasons - including physical and sexual abuse, incest, serial abandonment and the impacts of a lack of parental skills. Many have lost parents or others close to them because of violence or accidents.

The co-op has eight paid carers across the two centers, plus a co-ordinator and several volunteers. The carers work closely with psychologists. One of the core elements of the work of the co-op is to enable the children to operate daily lives that have meaning to them. Some of the difficulties and crises are tackled by working with parents, raising parenting skills. At present, the co-op is working closely with a university about the language of trauma, the memory of trauma and traumatized feelings. The objective is to assist children progress from a frozen traumatic state to an expressive state

SAS is highly regarded by public bodies, which make many referrals to it. Even more children need assessments than are given places. The success of the centre is dependent not just on the high level of competence within the co-op, but also on very close and effective co-operation between it and the municipality and the health service.


Spazio Aperto Servizi has provided strategic objectives which are presenting the organization and the changes that they want to make in the future. The organization through the projects, activities and plans is striving to reach the intended achievements such as: 

·         the reduction of financial resources from public institutions to address the needs of the most vulnerable groups 

·         minimizing the socio-cultural and family disruption

·         to promote the aims and reach the social cohesion

·         read the needs of the community by enabling projects and innovative activities

·         increase collaboration and establish partnership with other organizations

·         become a partner with the “city of Milan” and receive support from the state institutions

·         educated people to be part of SAS

·         promoting of their mission and working


Social enterprise based in Milan, which cooperates to achieve the common well, promoting innovative services and social cohesion. They work with passion and professionalism. 


They want to bring social change and solidarity to the people who need it the most. Also, with their activities, they will make Milan a great place for social, cultural and economic prosperity. 

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